The Restoration of the
16" Greek Key  #1444
Tiffany Studios lamp shade - 1 -


This antique  lamp shade had been stored
since a hobbyist unsuccessful had tried to
repair it 20 years ago. It semed to be a
hopeless case to the owner.

Here is what we got:










Due to the enormous damage we decided
to rebuild the entire shade.This requires a new
360 degree lamp mold. Most important here is
the correct size and shape of this new mold.
It has to match perfectly with the old original
lamp mold of Tiffany Studios, on which this
shade was produced about 90 years ago.

We use some silicone, to get the right shape :



The lower aperture rim of the old lamp shade
has the 1:1 information for the correct
diameter of the new lamp mold. Herfore
we remove it from the shade and rebend
it  to it`s former (perfect round) shape.



Before doing this, we have to remove
the Tiffany-Studios signature tags.
We will resolder them later into the right place,
when the lamp shade has been rebuilt.



Here the lower rim is heated carefully and
removed from the lamp........


......for cleaning it up.......



......and rebending


The silicone key is the stencil for creating
the new mold's correct shape.


This is the draft for the new mold...........

 ....which is made from plaster to be duplicated by my
fiberglass company after it has been polished.

The fiberglass mold is completed here and
some of  the original glass pieces (which were
included with the lamp) indicate that the shape
is correct.  The original lower rim also fits perfect.

The lamp shade can be brought to new
life on this fiberglass mold.


Here the original pattern is scribed on the mold.


We have engraved the lines and transferred
the  pattern on paper.This will be used for our
360 degrees layout we need for our Studios
light table later.



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& Gudrun Grotepass

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