Designs of Tiffany-Studios New York

Tiffany table lamp

Pair of Tiffany lamp shades
Diameter of one shade is 8 1/2 Inch (21,1 cm)

Bronze Lamp Base
DESK LAMP # 318 /2
Total width is 21 1/4" (54.0 cm) :
Height: 24" (61 cm)


The position of the Lamp shade's on the base is
adjustable in height. The lamp comes wired according
to US safety standards. Other color combinations and
standards of electrification are available at no extra cost.


Please E- mail  for  your comments
and price/ ordering  information.

Bronze Tiffany lamp base

Tiffany lamp base

bronze Lamp base

Bronze cast lamo base

Lamp base Design of Tiffany Studios New York

Bronze cast tiffany lamp base

Please E- mail for  your comments
and price/ ordering  information.

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