Methodes of working

Our lamps are made by strictly using the old -fashioned technique and materials of Tiffany- Studios New York.

This technique is much different from the techniques used by today's Tiffany hobbyist's and China/ Taiwan reproductions.

We  professionally construct Tiffany lamp shades using Tiffany´s long-lost methods that we have rediscovered. This makes our products different from those offered by our competitors.

There are some reasons listed in the following why our lamps are looking like the real thing:

-Every single glass piece is exclusively cut to perfect fitting shape. No grinding machines are used in our Studios.

-All glass pieces are framed with beeswaxed, hand cut copperfoil. They are soldered together to a lamp shade on 360° fullsized lamp molds. These molds are of exact Tiffany- Studios.NY shape and design.

-Before framing with copper foil and soldering there are all glass pieces selected on a layout of clear film on a large light table, just the way we could learn from hand down Tiffany fotographic documents of inside the Tiffany Studios:


This picture of Robert Koch's book:
shows a layout on a light table
at lower corner right hand side.
Upper and lower  apertures of our lamp shades are equiped with solide bronze rings of exact measurements according to authentic Tiffany- Studios sizes. They are fitting on old lamp bases.   


Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass &
Gudrun Grotepass

Schloss-Strasse 68 
45355 Essen / Germany 

Phone :  X49  201- 651112