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Bronze cast Tiffany table lamp base

Bronze Tiffany lamp base
Fits 18-22" shades
Height: 27 1/2" (70.0 cm)
Total Weight 15.8 Pounds (7.2 KG)


This base is wired according to US safety standards.
It comes ready to use in the USA with new old-style
cloth covered lamp cord and 4 US turn key lamp sockets.

Other standards of electrification are available at
no extra cost.

The suface of the lamp base and sockets are patinated
with brown /dark green- brown Tiffany patina made
in our Studio using the original recipe handed down by
Tiffany Studios New York.

No lacquer is used in the patination process.


Please E- mail  for  your comments
and price/ ordering  information.

Bronze Tiffany lamp base

Tiffany lamp base

bronze Lamp base

Bronze cast lamo base

Please E- mail for  your comments
and price/ ordering  information.

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