Who was Louis Comfort Tiffany?

L.C.Tiffany was born in 1848 and lived until1933. His family today operates the well renown TIFFANY & CO of New York,  known for t`s jewelry and exquisite luxury items.

During his youth his main interest was painting. He was a member of the National Academy at the age of 23- an accomplishment that has yet to have been achieved again.

Tiffany began experimenting  with colored glass during the70`s of the 19th century and soon thereafter completed stained glass windows  for churches. Already in this stage,
he portrayed colored nature  screens within  his  windows, often  allowing  the glass to resemble plant forms.

With Thomas Edison`s discovery of the electric light bulb, the artisticly designed lampshade of glass was just a step away.

Tiffany`s first public exhibition of his
lampshades was in 1899. One of his
first lamps - the Nautilus Lamp - was
patented in New York with the
number 30665.

Nautilus Lamp by Louis Comfort Tiffany

The construction of the lampshades
was the same as of the stained glass
windows. Glass cutting patterns were
made from a drawing, thus allowing
many glass parts to be cut. It was out
of these pieces then, that the
lampshade was made.
The conecting of these single glass
pieces was made possible by framing
the edges of every piece with a thin
copper foil, which was then soldered to the
neighboring copper foiled pieces.

This technique, combined with the
linking approach made shades extremely
stable, thus allowing us today to still see
many of the old originals in museums of the
United States of America.

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