Just as orchestras of the modern world faithfully reproduce the classical works of the past, we follow the artisan tradition of Tiffany Lamp manufacture in our studio.

The patterns and forms of Tiffany's
stained glass lamp shades developed
at the end of  the 19th century are
like the musical scores handed down
by the geat masters.

Our methods are largely identical to
these originals , and often we use the
same American stained glass and
material suppliers, which still
exist to this day. Here are two
documents from the archive of
Kokomo Opalescent Glass, which
is in business til today:




Principally, the work we do in our
studio does not differ much from
that of each classical orchesta of
the world:

The orchestra each time presents
the handed down score of an
OLD  MASTERin a new interpretation
to the enjoyment of the listener
by strictly using the old -fashioned
technique and materials of
Tiffany- Studios New York.


Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass &
Gudrun Grotepass

Schloss-Strasse 68 
45355 Essen / Germany 

Phone :  X49  201- 651112