Customer information policy

When ordering a lamp (not in stock) from Dr. Grotepass Studios,
you will be kept informed on progress of your lamp project
on a a private and individual webpage we will create
for you only.

We are doing our own webdesign and digital pictures.
There will be no extra cost for this service.

You will get fresh pictures from our studio´s light table

Dr.Grotepass Studios Light table
and working place from time to time.

So you will be able to watch (and control)

progress of your lamp online.

Please find some examples for our individual customers
information policy here,in the archives of our
www.Tiffany-News pages.

If this is from interest for you, please find some of our
customers feedback here


Dr. Hans-Peter Grotepass &
Gudrun Grotepass

Schloss-Strasse 68     45355 Essen / Germany 
Phone :  X49  201- 651112